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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival


Tarek Lakhrissi 2015 France 48min english & french

The complexities of the body – of skin colour, gender, size, disability, nourishment – are vocalized and enacted by a number of artists, activists, and performers whose existence is that of someone living in one world and coming from another. The documentary, which never lets the viewer forget its constructed nature, the camera’s impact on the body, chronicles the transformative ways its subjects have found to express their unique position, whether it be through voguing, poetry, cooking, or paths still being explored. A treat for Canadian viewers is seeing multiple Montrealers and a Torontonian reveal the ways they are shaping and reshaping themselves and their cities. – Michael Belcher

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The Migrant Mixtape (La cassette migrante)

Eli Jean Tahchi 2017 Canada 22min arab, french & english

Arab LGBTQ individuals send Helem Montreal the Migrant Mixtape, a series of recorded letters. They are asking for support to seek asylum in Canada in order to escape persecution and homophobic violence in their country of origin. One of them, Adib Mardini, having managed to become a refugee in Canada, tells us about the process that changed his life.


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