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montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival

A Date for Mad Mary

Darren Thornton 2016 Ireland 93min english

Six months in jail hasn’t seemed to do much for Mary (Seàna Kerslake in a bravura performance). She’s still living with her mother and grandmother in a claustrophobic Irish town. Still getting kicked out of the same club, night after night. Still incapable of controlling her darker impulses. The imminent wedding of her childhood best friend, the “kind-hearted” yet distant Charlene (Charleigh Bailey), puts her reestablished freedom in jeopardy as she spirals deeper into self-exile, wanting to escape what others think of her, but unwilling to try. Fixated on bringing a plus-one to the festivities, Mary goes on a desperate search for a man to bag, beg, or coerce into being her date, all the while growing more and more curious about Charlene’s wedding videographer, Jess (singer/songwriter Tara Lee), who just might know her better than she knows herself. A Date for Mad Mary hits you in the emotional gut with its understated beauty, making you empathetic towards even the worst of Mary’s exploits, getting you to viscerally experience the cycle of her pain and release, her madness and salvation, and the true importance of a plus-one. – Michael Belcher

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